Strategy and Organisational review of a cable manufacturer with multiple locations

Dr. Francis Krähenbühl, Head of Management, Nexans Deutschland GmbH, DE-Mönchengladbach
(Funktion zur Zeit des Projektes)

„Nexans Germany is working from different established locations for a variety of customer segments.

Thereby it is necessary to continuously improve the efficiency of our organization next to the primary focus on customer needs.
This complex task has been managed by Stefan Dähler and his team with great expertise and a lot of experience. The customer-, product-, and location differences have been analysed through a methodologically convincing method in the year 2008. The suggestions for improvement that resulted in this analysis and were carried along by the staff, served the team responsible for the implementation as concrete guidelines and also helped the controlling with the review of the progress. I was very pleased with the results.
 Furthermore, the professional work of the consultants convinced me through its excellent cost-benefit ratio."